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Who is Bakhar Nabieva?


To stay in shape and keep a beautiful figure, physical activity is essential. Bakhar Nabieva, a 24-year-old Ukrainian girl, understood this completely. If she made the decision to devote herself to fitness, it was to maintain health, but also to surpass her limits. And the result is most breathtaking. Today, she has no complex to reveal her perfectly drawn abs, muscular legs, and superb buttocks. How did she know that success you would ask yourself? What is special about it? Zoom on this athletic woman with envious curves.

Introducing Bakhar Nabieva

"Miss Iron Bum", Bakhar Nabieva, was born in Baku, Azerbaijan in 1994, and currently resides in western Ukraine. She has made herself known thanks to her imposing-looking body and her breathtaking legs, the result of hard work and several adapted dietary regimes. If during her childhood she suffered because of her physique, today she is a source of inspiration for many people across the globe. This, thanks to its silhouette. It is currently followed on social media by thousands of fans.

It all started when she finally decided to go to a gym. At first, the girl did not know what activity to practice and went to the gym daily without having an idea of ​​how to train. She points out that before she was skinny and her legs were very slender. She was a subject of mockery among her classmates. It is for this reason, among other things, that she chose to regain control and indulge in physical exercises. She then carried out small sessions by working on specific areas. Then Bakhar started to consult bodybuilding magazines. This is how she learned about the world of bodybuilding and managed to work her muscles properly. After a few training sessions, she noticed changes in her muscles, which developed. It was a real turning point in the life of young Bakhar Nabieva. The click arrived and nothing could stop her in her quest for the perfect body.

Participation in bikini fitness competitions

There was a time when Bakhar Nabieva took part in bikini fitness tournaments. If in this environment she made multiple rivals, she did not especially appreciate the atmosphere of the competitions, as well as the diets to follow, which proved to be too drastic. Indeed, she not only had to train intensively, but in addition, she had to comply with a strict diet. And for good reason, his main goal was to have fun and develop his muscles, nothing more. Currently, she has left behind the scenes of competitions, although she has excelled in the Bikini fitness category. This is to avoid torturing her body.

What nutritional diet does Bakhar follow?

If you pretend to be a big fan of diets, Bakhar says that she does not follow a specific diet and likes to eat everything, from cakes to meat, including eggs. As a result, she prefers to eat "plentifully" in order to obtain the energy necessary to complete her exercise sessions. By consuming significant calories before his workouts, it helps him avoid any accumulation of bad fat. Thus, she makes sure to enjoy an excellent session while having very good results.

Bakhar's training sessions

Bakhar’s workouts are quite complex. They focus mainly on the set of muscles that she wants to work the most, namely the quadriceps, glutes and hamstrings. The exercises she practices include stretching her legs. She places particular emphasis on hamstrings, which has given her exceptional legs. She also exercises using weights and points out that she mainly works her legs. In any case, in order to hold on to the end, she recommends keeping the mind, whatever the ordeal. And no matter what happens, someone will always be there to denigrate you. The best thing to do is to ignore it and keep going forward and keep being happy!

Bakhar Nabieva's favorite exercises

As part of his sessions, Bakhar Nabieva practices various activities and among these include the Romanian squat and deadlift. Zoom on these two exercises.

- The squat, kézako?

It's no wonder this sportswoman is into squat, because if you have lean legs, the squat can help give them more volume.

Basic movement essential to most sports, the squat contributes to muscle building. This is how it is done: while standing, you spread your feet shoulder-width apart, turn them outward and look straight ahead. You then begin to bend your legs while stretching your buttocks back and tilting your back slightly forward. Continue by contracting the glutes and abs, and pushing on the legs to start from the beginning.

- The Romanian deadlift or Romanian Deadlift

Bakhar Nabieva in selfie mode If you are a bodybuilder, a cross-fitter or a powerlifter, the Romanian deadlift holds no secrets for you. Strength exercise, it allows you to work your glutes and hamstrings. This activity is accomplished using a bar and discs.

Sources of inspiration

To succeed and reach the pinnacle, Bakhar Nabieva took the example of tenacious athletes. Among her sources of inspiration, she includes Brazilian athletes and models, and in particular Gracyanne Barbosa, a personality with extraordinary legs. With his influences, his intensive sessions and his steel mind, Bakhar Nabieva is entirely devoted to shaping his body to achieve the expected objectives. If her main concern was her thin legs, today she can boast of her muscular and powerful legs.

If you too want to have muscular legs like Bakhar Nabieva, know that you have to work hard and be persistent. Results are not immediate and require multiple training sessions.