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Home Remedies To Restore Bone And Joint Health

Home Remedies To Restore Bone And Joint Health

As you already know, bad posture can bring some long-term consequences to your overall health, including a higher risk of digestive disorders, cardiovascular diseases and back pain. Besides that, it’s one of the leading causes of chronic pain in the joints and knees.

To prevent further complications and restore the health of your bones and joints, you can begin improving your body posture and muscle alignment by including some yoga exercises in your workout routine and using natural remedies to eliminate the pain – the following simple recipe is extremely powerful for strengthening the joints, bones and knees, and restoring the elasticity of ligaments and tendons.

It will reverse the effects of osteoporosis and osteoarthritis and boost your metabolism naturally!


1 kg of honey
10 tablespoons of linseed
50 g of pumpkin seeds
5 tablespoons of ground sesame
3 tablespoons of raisins
50 g of sunflower seeds
50 g of wheat grains


Grind all the seeds;
Put all the ingredients in a large bowl, stir well and place the mixture in a glass jar.


Consume a tablespoon of the mixture every day before breakfast and lunch.